Learn more about massage

For centuries, people have experienced the natural healing powers of massage as a way of life. People who receive regular massages sleep better, function optimally, and live happier, more relaxed lives. You have everything to gain. Massage has been proven to ease depression and anxiety, as well as to reduce the effects of debilitating physical conditions.

I incorporate the following types of massage in my table work:

  • CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY corrects cerebral and spinal imbalances; treats chronic headaches and jaw pain

  • CONNECTIVE TISSUE massage enhances energy and breathing

  • REFLEXOLOGY promotes internal healing through the pathways of the feet and hands

  • SWEDISH MASSAGE promotes blood flow and helps release toxins from the body.

  • Theresa Zink massaging hands and feet

    Theresa Zink has created a wonderful and peaceful atmosphere,
    conducive to relaxation and meditation. As a massage therapist, she has a positive and calm attitude and has the uncanny ability to know exactly where tension originates. After a massage, my body feels free and rejuvenated.
    - Eastman School of Music faculty member

    Myofascial massage

    Myofascial Release (MFR) approaches the body in a revolutionary way. This specialized treatment works the three-dimensional web of fascia or connective tissue that spans the entire body, from skin to core, including organs and cells. Any restriction within this myofascial web can affect other areas of the body in the same manner that pulling on a single piece of yarn might distort an entire sweater.

    MFR frees the body from the grip of tight connective tissue by gently stretching and softening the fascia, thus restoring normal alignment, increasing freedom of movement, and allowing the client to return to a balanced state. MFR works with the gradual application of sustained pressure to reach restrictions held deep within the body.

    MFR is well respected and it works: Sufferers of fibromyalgia, functional scoliosis, and other repetitive motion symptoms have experienced life-changing results.

    Theresa Zink myofascial release

    I've been living with fibromyalgia for about 12 years and have been
    searching for relief from the pain. Theresa seems to have an unrivaled
    ability to feel where my body most needs the work. My mobility has
    increased and pain level has been reduced. - Sandy Ruller

    Thai yoga massage

    An alternative to table work, Thai Yoga Massage, is a partnership between client and therapist. This technique blends hatha yoga with energy balancing and massage. The method actively counterbalances and levers the recipient's body with the practitioner's, using breath and directed touch to create greater flexibility and balance.

    The invigorating 90-minute session restores energy to your life.

    When Theresa first suggested a thai yoga massage I was a bit skeptical since it required stretching and yoga poses, and I have tight muscles and lack flexibility. Theresa is very sensitive to how much my muscles can (and can't) stretch, so I find these sessions very enjoyable and the effects longer lasting than regular massages. If you haven't tried one, I heartily recommend it! - Jan McCormack

    Discover your healing

    Your body is an interconnected and deeply intricate web. Why shouldn't it be treated as such? I believe in tuning into your physical problem, your stress, and your life. The way to revive your senses and release your inner peace is to treat your body, your mind, your you. It's all about you. And it's my goal to make sure your experience is as unique as you.

    Your optimal physical healing and relaxation can be obtained as I intuitively apply a variety of specialized healing techniques.